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Domains of Theory**
  • Design Humanities (Design philosophy, Design aesthetics, Design psychology, Design logic, Design studies, Design culture, Design History)
  • Design Theory (Design principles, Meaning of Design, Design symbols, Design information, Design codes, Design educations, etc.)
  • Design modeling (Design type, Design arrangement, Design color, Design architecture, Design materials etc.)
  • Design engineering (Design quality, Design methodology, Ergonomics, Emotional engineering, Cognitive engineering, etc.)
  • Design management (Design policy, Design planning, Design management, Design strategy, Design and marketing, etc.)
  • Design Issues (Bio design, Universal design, Sustainable design, Eco-friendly / Green design, etc.)
  • Design methods (Design methodology, Design teaching methods, Design evaluation, etc.)
Domains of Practice**
  • Product Design (Household product design, Industrial product design, Utilities design, Transportation design, System design, etc.)
  • Visual Communication Design (Illustrations, Advertising design, Typography / Editorial design and Visual environmental design, Packaging design, Graphic design / Animation, Information design, etc.)
  • Environmental Design (Urban environmental design, Architectural design, Interior design, display / Exhibition design, Furniture / Lighting design, Digital architecture, etc.)
  • Crafts (Metal work, Woodwork, Ceramic crafts, Glass crafts, Fabric crafts, etc.)
  • Fashion Design (Fashion Design, Textile Design, etc.)
  • Convergence design (Computer graphic design, Web design, Digital content, Digital media design, User experience design, User interface design, Tangible interaction, etc.)